Monday, June 28, 2010

1 day until Eclipse

Today I have no card to show you but I thought I'd give you a peek at the goodie bags all my movie going buddies are getting the night of the show. The bag and it's contents are in the below picture. I found the stickers at our local party store for the front of the bags. I just used black gift bags. I also found Eclipse tattoos and magnets that I put in each bag too.
I found all my signage online through Tara's Twilight Party. She's got some new ones posted as well. The 1st snack bag I have Hot Tamales and dark chocolate M&M's (which are all shades of red) mixed together and the Blood Type Vegetarian topper signed by Dr. Carlisle himself.
Next I used red Twizzlers and covered it with a Type B (or A and O) label.
Rosalie's Werewolf Kibble (100% Fido Approved) I used a variation of Milk Duds, Whoppers, peanut butter Whoppers and Reese's Pieces.
The nugget stickers I found on e-bay but of course can't find them again to post a link and the candy bars I found at Walgreens. They had either Jacob, Bella or the ever so hunky Edward. I also found Fire and Ice Sweethearts at Walgreens for Jacob and Edward that I mixed together and put in a bag as well.
I hope all my movie goers will enjoy these. I also found at the local party store 3D cups that I picked up as well. They are very cool! They can also be found online HERE.


huzzah616 (Christy)

How fun!! Wish I was going with you to the Eclipse premiere!!

Sassy Scrapin'

YEAH YEAH YEA! Midnight showing TONIGHT! Hope you have a great time...I just know we will! ;-)

skippy stamps

OMG I AM SO lovin' what you did with your movie treats!!!!


a lot of effort, I hope your friends appreciated it! I so want to try all of these different things you mentioned haha they all look brilliant particularly the dr cullen one x